Thursday, September 23, 2010


alexi lubomirski

i need to go out more!
Photo by Alexi Lubormirski

light and breezy

Harper's Bazaar February 2009 Chic Easy Pieces
Alexi Lubomirski

Love this spread, already can't wait for a holiday x


this is incredibly annoying. Apparently tinypic does not do hosting for other countries now and so all my pictures are gone!


sasha pivovarova

So the shopping was quite a success, found a really cool vintage store. The store owner couldn't speak proper english and my friend found out she was thai, and they started conversing in thai and all which i didn't understand at all. Then she offered us discounts on the stuff we wanted and offered us jobs to work part-time at her shop! We really wanted to, but we were still below 17. She then told us that we could help model for her instead. Let's see if anything gets through!

i can't really remember where all the each individual photos are from, but i do know i got them from fashiongonerogue, tumblr, and weheartit. sorry!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010



images via tfs, rest of editorial here

pop this

The New York Times T Style Women's Spring 2008


okay so i edited the blog quite a bit, don't know if it'll stay through or not. But whatever it is i like it for now (:
what i've been doing the whole day - watching glee, gg, vampire diaries, skins, tumblr-ed around and also went back to school a little for photog club. Bought 3 magazines- Harper's bazaar ( i love karen elson!), teen vogue, pigeons and peacocks, which is published by the london college of fashion.
that is all xxx

photo : I-D magazine 2007


viktor and rolf,tim walker,natalie vodianova
Viktor and Rolf

Tim walker editorial Vogue UK December 2004 - Pantomime
via thefashionspot forum

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

black and white

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Have a great weekend!
I know its only wednesday but its marking period now since we just ended our EOY test, which means a long weekend! (:

Going shopping tomorrow, maybe find something nice x

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

soft pastels

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i am in love with tim walker's photography!

have not been updating as much.. Will go back to normal when my exams end!

images via fashiongonerogue and tfs.